Thank you, brothers and sisters, for visiting the Donation page for the Canterbury Mosque.

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To donate to the Rohingya Muslim Appeal, visit this page

To calculate and pay your Zakat, visit this page

To donate to the Syria Appeal by Islamic relief, visit: this page

Donations for the mosque

This is for general donations for the mosque and the Quran School fees. Do NOT use this for Zakat.

If you are a taxpayer, the best method to donate is through the next form, where you can do one-off payment, or set up monthly ones. This method allows us to claim 25% extra on top of your donation without any extra cost on you.

In addition, you can make payments by:

  • Please put it in one of the donation boxes in the mosque, or hand it to one of the committee members.
  • Please make it payable to "Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre". You can either post it to the mosque address, mentioned below, or hand it to one of the committee members.
  • Our bank account:
    1. LIoyds Bank
    2. Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre
    3. Sort code: 30- 91- 60
    4. Account number: 03979460