Daily and Friday Prayers

Updated: 19 February 2021

Canterbury Mosque is OPEN for Jumaa (Friday Prayer) and Daily Prayers.

Please do not attend prayers If:

  • You are feeling ill
  • You have suspected COVID infection
  • You are self isolating
  • You are waiting for COVID results
  • You have recently (Less than 14 days) come from abroad
  • You are above 65 years
  • You have chronic disease or taking medications affecting your immunity

Your safety is important to us.

We need to be extra vigilant.

Our country and especially Kent hospitals are seeing overwhelming numbers of admitted patients with COVID -19 infection.

It’s everyone’s duty to observe the strict rules of social distancing, washing hands, wearing Facemasks and avoiding gatherings as much as they can.

We now have something we didn’t have in the first wave of the pandemic, a Vaccine.

And we all hope that it will reach everyone of us as soon as possible as per health authorities plan.

Above all, we always, have Allah subhanah wa ta’ala; to ask him to protect us, lead us and save us from the pandemic and all evils