Mosque Re-Opening

Update: Mosque is open for all prayers including Fridays’ prayers.

Important regulations:

Who can come?

  • At this stage, we are open only for Men.
  • Sisters’ part is being reviewed before we can safely open. Sisters, please accept our apology.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to come yet.
  • Corona Risk is still high with advanced age, so the mosque requests anyone above 70 years old to NOT come to the Mosque at this stage.
  • Anyone with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart, Kidney, Liver disease or with low immunity, etc
    are at high risk and SHOULD NOT come to the Mosque
  • Anyone with symptoms suggestive of Corona infection such as:
    • Fever or feeling hot
    • Cough
    • Loss of smell or taste
    • Diarrhoea or feeling Sick
    • Runny nose or sneezing
    • Or generally feeling unwell
  • Anyone who has a family member diagnosed with Corona or having the above symptoms MUST NOT come to the Mosque except after 3 weeks of complete recovery.

Is Mosque open for all Salah?

We are open for the 5 Daily Prayers and Friday Prayer (Jumaa).

What should I do before coming to the mosque?

  • Please do your Wudu before coming as all Toilets & Wudu area are CLOSED.
  • Please bring your own Prayer Mat with you.
  • Please bring a paper or plastic bag to put your shoes in.
  • Please bring a Face Mask with you and wear it ALL the time inside the mosque.

So, before coming to the mosque:

  • Do your Wudu.
  • Bring your prayer mat, face mask and a bag for your shoes.

What should I do when entering the mosque?

  • Avoid touching unnecessary surfaces.
  • Use hand sanitizers supplied at the door.
  • Put your shoes in the bag and TAKE IT with you inside the mosque (Don’t leave your shoes at the entry door).
  • Move forward to the nearest space available near Imam
  • Use the yellow lines to know the designated prayer places. Do Not use any other area to pray except the one marked by the yellow lines.
  • When you finish your prayer, please leave ASAP through the EXIT DOOR in the Conservatory.
  • Use the Red Pedal Bin at Exit Door to discard the bag if you need.

Please do not stand outside the mosque. We have to avoid unnecessary crowds inside and outside.

Please keep 2 metres distance ALL THE TIME inside & outside the mosque

Please keep us safe and follow the regulations or we will be forced to take more strict measures or Close the mosque if it was seen A Risk to keep it open.

Do not shake hands!
Do not Hug!

Please help the COVID Safety Officer: Br Maso’od in his duties to ensure all regulations are strictly met.

The mosque expects from all visitors to adhere to the COVID Health Mosque regulations and act with responsibility and understanding.

You can also read or download the full Health and Saftey and Risk Assessment.

Please help us keeping the mosque Safe and Open.

Jazakom Allah Khairan for your understanding and cooperation 🤲🏼

Mosque Committee & Trustee.

03/07/2020 (updated at 16/10/2020)