• Ihsan Khan
  • The Imam of the mosque
  • Phone 07476603721
  • Email info@canterburymosque.co.uk
  • Website http://canterburymosque.co.uk/new/team/ihsan/

My name is Ihsan Khan. I am a young, yet very optimistic Imam. I became the Imam of Canterbury Mosque in September 2017. Prior to this, I was a student at the University of Kent. I have a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science and an MSc in Biotechnology. I am currently undertaking a PGCE course at Canterbury Christ Church University.


To be able to unite the community of Canterbury. I have always been pro-unity, as I believe that “united we stand, divided we fall”. I want to change the way people behave towards each other. I want people to respect one another regardless of race, religion or gender. In order to achieve this, I believe that the change must come from within your own home. Home for me is Canterbury, therefore, I will aim to achieve this vision of mine in Canterbury with the help of its wonderful residents and then spread this vision to the rest of the world. We, the community of Canterbury, will make Canterbury a role model for the rest of the world.  


  • To build a relationship with all hospices, care homes and charities.
  • To establish a relationship with all other religious and pastoral leaders in Canterbury.
  • To make Canterbury Mosque a welcoming place for everyone.
  • To get rid of the misconceptions that surround Islam and Muslims.
  • To work with local schools and universities to provide the correct understanding of Islam to our future generations. 
  • To build a connection with the local media so that Muslims are portrayed in a positive light and not in the negative light we are used to.