We generate funds only from donations and charitable events and only use for the peaceful purposes.


We are currently extending the mosque building, which is obviously very costly, and therefore any donations from the Islamic community would be gratefully appreciated.

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We encourage the social inclusion by bringing the Muslim community in contact with the wider community.


We give advice and provide support to the bereaved families, to hold prayer and to arrange the burial, with the help of Imam and the committee.

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We co-ordinate advice and support to the Local Police Force, the City Council, the Prison Services, the Local Hospitals, the University of Kent, Cadma, Candifa and other statutory and voluntary bodies.

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We hold the daily prayers and the Friday Service for men, women and children.


We provide a Quran and Arabic language classes to the children and adults.

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We provide social, cultural and faith-based needs to the Muslim community.


We provide social and cultural contacts for the students and the visitors from home and abroad.

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