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2023.02.16 Extension Update

Asalamu Alaikum,

This week’s updates: 

  • The drainage solutions are in hand with Roger liaising with drainage consultants to get the right pumps for our plumbing challenges.  
  • The first floor soundproof solution has been agreed upon and this is an extra order of £5600 to cover materials and labour. 
  • Wall and floor tiles have been agreed upon and shall be fitted shortly. 
  • The huge ‘spine’ steel has now been fitted and most of the partition walls are now removed to obtain the open plan dream. In the picture, you can see the chimney is gone.
  • The entrance canopy is now fitted. 
  • The ground floor and the first floor have been opened up.
  • First fix for electrics is anticipated over the next 7 working days; thereafter, other auxiliaries and fixing will come into play, prioritisation the ground floor.
  • The plant room and Sisters Wudu area floor has been completed. Completion of the plant room is essential to house electrics, power units, gas, etc.
  • Contractors are working flat out to get the ground floor ready for Ramadan.


Please check the photos.

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