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2023.06.11 Extension Update

Extension Details, how big the mosque after extension?! How big our new Canterbury Mosque? Bigger space, how πŸ‘‡πŸ½
πŸ•Œ 650 prayer spaces in total!! (from 250 in the old building) ❀
πŸ•Œ A very large Upper Hall!! To host functions and activities.Β This is a completely NEW hall that didn’t exist before ❀
πŸ•Œ DOUBLING the size of sisters’ area!! From 40 spaces to 120 Spaces ❀
πŸ•Œ A Solid Foundation for Extra Third Hall!Β In the future inshalla we can just build a wall above the Wudu area for an extra 70 prayer spaces!! (Watch it in the video) ❀
πŸ•Œ Two Manarahs !!Β Β To complete an aesthetic beautiful shape ❀
πŸ•Œ New sturdy and soft Carpets all over!!Β With Two Disabled Toilets.
πŸ•Œ Front Garden πŸͺ΄Β It will be a beautiful Masjid in out beautiful Canterbury ❀
Everyone prays here, you will be rewarded forever for Your Donations 🀲🏼
Donate generously in these blessed days of Dhul Hijjah!!
Thawab is hugely increased during these days so you got Just 9 days left!!! 😳
Jazakom Allah Khairan

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