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2023.08.23 Extension Update

Asalamu alaikum all
This week’s mosque extension construction updates: 
▪The shed has now been resized, relocated and rebuilt.  
▪The side escape path has received the gravel which will be compacted to provide a sustainably draining pathway.  
▪The exterior has had some more of the render preparation 
▪The office and ground floor prayer halls should be having the windows cut in by mid sept. 
▪The first floor emergency exit has the lobby in place with completed roof and external finishes. 
▪We discussed the community moving the storage from the prayer hall to the shed.  The construction team will leave us some wheel-barrows to help us carry large heavy loads efficiently. If anyone has a dolly please bring along to help us move the stuff quickly InShaAllah 
▪Soft opening for jummah prayers from first week of September.  This will be ground floor brothers only initially.  By mid September, we expect the emergency stair case to be fitted and this will allow us to have both floors available for jummah prayers, InShaAllah

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