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2024.01.09 Extension Update

Assalam Alekom dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to update you regarding the mosque extension work:

1. All heating systems to be integrated and installed within the next 10 working days enshalah.

2. Completion of sisters side with carpet installed within the next two weeks.

3. ⁠finish tiling from sisters to brothers and lobby within the next two weeks.

4. ⁠All electrical and systems for dryers and auxiliary feeds has been completed .

5. ⁠secure and complete paths along sisters and border in two weeks .

6. Accommodation phase to be completed within 6 weeks enshalah.

6. ⁠mirab and bookshelf design from Malaysian brother and installation once agreed works plan-
Our team will update accordingly.

7. Project Completion before Ramadan enshalah.

As with all projects no matter how many process controls and risk management schemes are put in place, projects face some unforeseen difficulties.

However, we have a dedicated team ensuring that project is going to lead to a successful completion enshalah. Please do not forget us from your Duaa 🌹

Jazakom Allah Khairan for your continuous support and may Allah reward our brothers & sisters in the extension committee for all efforts, Amen.

Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre 

09 Jan 2024

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