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Carpets Fundraising Event

Carpets Fundraising Event by our Canterbury Mosque Teens & Children.


Sadaqa Jariyah in Last 10 days of Ramadan β˜ͺβ˜ͺβ˜ͺ

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β€œWhoever builds a masjid for Allah, Allah will build a house for him in Jannah” Hadith Shareef.

Our Canterbury Mosque children & teens will together perform 100,000 Tasbeeha for Allah.

They aim – with your help – to raise enough funds to furnish our new mosque with good quality prayer carpets, all over the mosque area.

The cost of purchasing, transportation and installation is Β£26,000

Whoever prays on these carpets, you will have the Thawab & reward of funding for it. It will be your Sadaqa Jariyah as long as Musaleen will ever pray here.

Canterbury mosque hosts dozens of non-Muslim school visits annually & it is where our children learn their Islam.

More than 40 new Muslims embraced Islam in our mosque last two years. They too learn their deen in its classes.

Donate generously, support our children in their fundraising activity and earn your reward from Allah for furnishing his masjid. Ameen

A 1000 person * Β£26
Or donate more 🀲🏽

Carpets Fundraising Event by our Canterbury Mosque Teens & Children.

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