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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

To donate online to the mosque, please visit the Donation Methods page

CMCC, as a charity organization and a mosque, is engaged in many projects and is facilitating many ways for your donations to be spent properly. Please see the different options below and choose the one suitable for the kind of donation you are providing.

Zakat through the mosque:

This is for the yearly “Zakat Almal”, i.e. the obligation charity for your savings and some assets. This will be given only for the Zakat permissible categories as stated in the Quran. The mosque will prioritize the local needs first.

To calculate your Zakat amount, please visit this page.

To pay this, please visit the Donation Methods page

Specific Appeals – coperation with other charities:

To donate to Canterbury Mosque’s Rohingya Muslim Appeal, please visit this page.

To donate to the Syria Appeal by Islamic relief, please visit this page.

Our Mosque’s Extension – Ongoing Charity (Sadaqah Jariah):

It is 20 years since we bought The Markaz and 10 years since it was granted planning permission to be used as a Masjid. Over the last 20 years, our Sisters have been praying in a converted garage which needs to be rebuilt. We are now at the final stages of our extension program as this is needed to provide better and improved prayer and class facilities for sisters/children. With this extension, we shall also be building a much-needed place for washing the deceased (Ghusl-al-Mayyah) on the ground floor and accommodation for the Imam on the first floor.

In November 2019, the council has approved the plans. The extension work should start as soon as practical and we have raised the required funds to start it. The total cost is approximately £375,000, from which we have raised so far£290,000. Your contribution could be:

One brick £2

sq. ft. space £100

A prayer space £750

Please donate generously and encourage your family/friends to participate in this good deed.