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Competition Announcement

Ashura Day Quiz Results ‼
Jazakom Allah Khairan dear children and parents for your participation in Canterbury Muslim Youth Club Quiz.
Alhamdolellah we had lots of participation from our beloved children.
All answers were great!
No one got below 8/12!
Some questions needed some thinking! 😎😻
Well done to all!! 
Only one Child got 12/12 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 well done 🌹😍
Three children got 11/12
Well done !! 🌹😍
Then We made a random draw from those who scored 10/12 
You are all winners! 
So we decided Every participant will get a prize inshallah 🫣😻🥳
 First Five Winners each rewarded £10 : 
1-Ahmad Balogun.
2-Hammad Zubair.
3-Al-Amin Balogun.
4-Ahmad Raza.
5-Habiba Kenawi
 Next winners will be rewarded with £5 each!! 
Mahrus Hossain 
Raghad Mahaini 
Ridda Hussain
Hadi Saif 
Ammar Saif 
Hussam Mahaini
Alisher Rasully 
Please bring your children to have their Prize today at Jumaa prayer in Tyler Hill Village Hall. 
They will be rewarded their prizes Immediately after Prayer 🤲🏽 by Imam Abdulhaqq.
If you can not make it to Tyler Hill hall today, please contact us and we can arrange for prize collection.
Jazakom Allah Khairan dear parents and children 🌹
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre 

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