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Daily and Friday Prayers

Jumaa prayer is moving to sports centre hall 2

No Jumaa Prayer at the Mosque for the next 6 months!

Salam Alikom wa Rahmato Allah.

From this Friday 7/10/22 and for the next 6 months, Jumaa prayer will move from our mosque to:

Hall 2 in the nearby Kent Uni Sports Centre.

Address is:
University of Kent, Sports Centre, Canterbury CT2 7NL


Only for men (P.S.The sisters side at the mosque is open for them on friday mornings but No Jumaa).

1- Make Wuduu before you arrive.
No places to do Wuduu there.

2- Bring your own PRAYER MAT
We can’t supply mats sorry.

3- When you arrive, take your shoes with you & keep them beside you in:
a cloth bag that you will bring with you.

4- Parking spaces are very limited as you know, so please do Car Share or Come by Bus.

5- Please Do Not Park Illegally!

The mosque is being extended and under reconstruction with builders working there.

6- Please do not come from sports centre main door.