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Day of Ashura Quiz!

For your children aged 5 years to 18 years!

Five Prizes!🥳

Every Prize is £10! 🥰😍

Aim to refresh their basic knowledge of Day Of Ashura and make them read about it – or ask you about it!🤔🫣

Please don’t just give them the answers!

Let them Google and read about it! 🤓
Or find information on YouTube! 🕌

Our Aim is for them to make some efforts and discuss it with you 👍🏾👍🏽

How to answer?

🛑 You can answer either in The paper sheet
Or Write your answers in a clear paper and

🛑 Then take a Clear Photo and send it WhatsApp message it to:

Or to

🛑 With the Name
Age And
Postcode too ‼

Five correct papers will be randomly selected for the Prize!!

Please send your answers BEFORE MONDAY 31/7 ‼

May Allah protect our children and save their deen


Canterbury Mosque

Please download word file in the link below.

The Day Of ASOURA Quiz

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