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Extension Design Plan

Dear All, As-salam alaykum,

We are pleased to announce that CMMC has appointed and entered into contractual agreements with JWG Nations Limited to implement the construction of the Extension (‘Extension Project’). Over the past several months, we have held a number of detailed discussions with our Architect Roger Angus, structural engineers Imperium Engineers and JW Nation as well as other third parties. These discussions involved and included developing detailed construction plans, engineering drawings, budgets, schedules of works, project plans, contracts and much more. The construction budget is fixed at c. £740,000. However, we are mindful as any project keeping to budget is key and we may need to consider unknown factors that could have an impact on the budget. The Extension Project team will provide regular updates on all aspects of the project.
The Extension Project plans are phased. The first and second phase (conservatory 2- story build, expand main hall and upper floors into residence areas) have been merged for economic and work efficiency. This phase is scheduled to begin 3 October 2022 and completed at Ramadan 2023. Our aim and intention, inshallah is to keep the momentum and roll out the project into Phase 3 (construction of new sisters’ area and residence floor) from Eid 2023 and completion by June 2023.
This a great milestone for the Muslim Community of Canterbury and for CMCC.
On behalf, of the Trustees I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those, past and present members of the committee/ trustees, unsung heroes who have been involved with this project for your continuing support and encouragement.
On behalf of the trustees and executive committee,
Dr Naz Bashir
Canterbury Mosque