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Friday Prayer Announcement

Friday Prayer Announcement 
Assalam Alikom,
This is an announcement  that the Jumaa prayer tomorrow, 15/09/2023, will take place at,
 Sport Centre,
University of Kent
 CT2 7NL
Jumaa prayer starts at 1.15 pm inshallah, please try to come on time to attend the full khutba. 
 Please, do not forget to:                                                         
🔺 Bring your prayer mat
🔺 Do Wuduu at home
🔺 Park legally
 Collection & Cake sale income will be donated  to support our brothers and sisters in Lybia & Morroco in this difficult time through Islamic Relief, may almighty Allah help them, Amen. 
May Allah reward you all, and looking forward to seeing you.
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre 
15th September 2023

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