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Friday Prayer, Parking Behaviour, Important Announcement

Assalamu Alikum dear Brothers,
Regrettably , the committee received two formal complaints last week regarding inconsiderate parking behaviour from some members. This issue not only disrupts our neighbours but also risks compromising our reputation and potentially jeopardising the venues we hire (University of Kent and Tyler Hill). To mitigate this issue, we’re implementing the following procedures for organising Friday prayers:
1- Friday prayers will be organised by Brother Masood (Deputy Chairman) at Lower Hardres hall and Brother Osama ( Lead Volunteer) at Tyler Hill hall. They will serve as Hall Admins on behalf of the committee.
2- Volunteering will be organised exclusively through the Volunteering Group for Friday Prayers. Anyone wishing to volunteer, please send a message to the Canterbury Mosque WhatsApp mobile number 07484647452 😊, requesting to be added to the Volounteering group. 
3- Upon arrival, volunteers will need enshalah to check in with the Hall Admins and follow the allocated role and related instructions. Volunteers and halls admins will be wearing   mosque High-Visibility vests. Thank you in advance for volunteering and working with your mosque, Canterbury Mosque 🌸. 
General Guidance:
🔶If possible, please pray at Lower Hardres Village Hall if you have a car as it has a big parking space.
🔶 Carpooling is encouraged where possible.
🔶Consider using public transportation or walking.
🔶Please follow Volunteers’ guidance.
Jazzakom Allah Khiran 🌹
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre

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