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Fundraising And Mosque Opening Date.

الله اكبر، الله أكبر، لا اله الا الله
الله أكبر كبيرا والحمد لله كثيرا

With the help of almighty Allah

We would like to announce that the targeted extension construction fund has been reached , Alhamdulillah ❤

Some financial facts

💷 required fund for construction is 0 £

💷 Qards Hassan

112000 £ , to be paid in the next two years inshallah to the following:

🌸 Whitstable and Herne Bay Mosque: 50,000 £

🌸Seven Spikes Relief: 50,000 £

🌸Two generous community members: 12 000 £

💷 Some fund £ is required for the soft opening and facilities as well, the amount to be confirmed inshallah.

The qards Hassan and the extra funds needed have to be raised inshallah, fundraising call to cover the remaining required funds to start after the mosque Opening inshallah.

So when is the mosque opening?

Enshalah, the mosque will be ready on the 31st of October , and the First Friday prayer will take place on the 3rd of November inshallah.
Detailed advert regarding the opening date and time inshallah to be sent later this month.🎉🎉

Jazzakom Allah Khiran, our beautiful community for all your help and support in building your mosque, Canterbury mosque.
What a community and what a family! ❤

We would like to thank our generous donors from the UK and all over the world, we have received donations from all parts of the world, jazzakom Allah khiran all. Credit goes to our beautiful community 🌹who acted as ambassadors for the house of Allah, may Allah reward you all.

We can not wait to see you in the mosque 🕌

Your mosque, Canterbury Mosque.

7th of October 2023

Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre

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