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Job Opportunity For An Imam

Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre

Address: The Markaz, 1 Giles Lane, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, CT2 7LT
Facebook: canterburymosque
YouTube: @CanterburyMosque1997

Job Description: Imam

Salary: £28,000 – £30,000 per annum

Closing Date: 17th of November

Reporting: Chairman and Executive Committee Board Member

Location: 1 Giles Lane, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom, CT2 7LT

Brief Job Outline: The Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre (CMCC) seeks to appoint an Imam for the Centre to take a leading part on religious, community and educational affairs of the Centre. The main purpose of the post is to provide Islamic religious guidance and establish a unified Muslim community in Canterbury and act as a community leader according to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Last Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

CMCC is a focus for the Muslim communities in and around Canterbury, Whitstable, Chartham and Herne Bay as well as surrounding areas up to 13 miles within Canterbury. It functions as a place of worship and provides a wide range of Socio-educational activities. The ideal candidate will be required to raise the profile of both the Centre and the Muslim communities served by this Organization. The Imam will be expected to be an active member of the Board and act as spiritual guide and representative of the congregation. There is an expectation on the Imam to establish themselves by leading Islamic activities and worship as well as to generate new ideas and initiatives. The Imam will be expected to facilitate a variety of activities and events to promote religious awareness and Islamic values among Adults, Youth and the wider community.

Working together with the Board of Executive Committee and Trustees, the right candidate will show maturity, patience and a commitment to the overall objectives of CMCC. There shall be potential for training, growth and development in this post, provided the selected candidate shows reasonable competence, willingness and motivation to advance. The post is offered subject to satisfactory enhanced disclosure of Disclosure and Barring Service checks, eligibility to work in the UK and references.

Overall Objectives:
• To spiritually lead the diverse congregation at CMCC.
• To support and assist the diverse congregation of CMCC on spiritual and community matters.
• To support and assist the CMCC Board in establishing and maintaining CMCC as a ‘model Islamic Centre’.

Key Responsibilities

To lead the prayers (including Jumuah, Eid and Taraweeh prayers) including but not limited to:
• 5 congregational daily prayers.
• Funeral prayers (Janazah).
• Ancillary night prayers during the month of Ramadan (Taraweeh, etc).
• Celebration prayers (Eid el Fitr, Eid el Adha).
• Optionally, committed to Tarwaeeh prayer, this might reflect on the salary starting point.
• To teach and translate Quran, Hadith, Fiqh.
• To teach short courses in Islamic Sciences, Shariah and other relevant subjects.
• To facilitate visits from local schools and non-Muslim institutions.
• To establish and maintain regular Islamic circle groups (halaqa).
• To support the men, women and youth programmes in conjunction with the relevant sub-committees.
• To respond to enquiries and debates about Islamic matters with proofs from Al
Quran and the Sunnah.
• To hold ‘surgeries’ for the public to access advice and counselling.
• To hold marriage counselling sessions for couples before and after marriages
• To solemnise marriages (nikah), shahadahs, aqeqah and funerals.
• To have experience with non-Muslims (using hikma in approach).
• To understand and deal with first and second generation Muslim issues.
• To have knowledge and awareness of cultural differences when dealing with the
international Muslim community.
• To represent CMCC in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
• To provide an interface with inter-faith and public organisations (schools, police,
hospitals etc).
• To be aware of CMCC’s public profile and to seek opportunities to attend
conferences, training, seminars or other external events that would provide
attendees with intelligence about CMCC work.
• To ensure all reporting and management requests from the CMCC Board are
delivered on time and accurately.


  • AbuRahman
    Posted November 21, 2023 at 12:45 pm

    Salamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    I studied Sharia from Imam Uni in Saudi and transferred my credits to Islamic University of Malaysia as I moved back to the UK. I have given Friday Khutbas in the UK since my return and lead Tarawih prayers in the UK and Europe. I am fluent in Arabic as a second language and was born and raised in the UK so I understand the Youth and their needs and the problems they face. I regularly give lectures on-line and in person through my own events and on request from other Islamic organizations. I have some talks and lectures on-line through YouTube and am currently building up my own library of lectures and lessons for the benefit to all. I have studied deeply in many Islamic fields and am able to teach the following books in Arabic and English (Arabic Language, Tajweed, Tafseer, Science of Hadith, Mutun of Hadith, Aqeedah, Figh etc):

    -علوم اللغة-
    قطر الندى
    ألفية ابن مالك (وقفت سابدا واكملها قريبا انشالله)

    تحفة الأطفال

    تفسير الجلالين
    تفسير ابن كثير (غير كامل مازلت ادرسه)

    -علوم الحديث-
    نخبة الفكَر
    ألفية العراقي

    -متون الحديث-
    الأربعون النووية
    رياض الصالحين (غير كامل)

    ثلاثة الأصول
    كتاب التوحيد
    العقيدة الواسطية

    -الفقه الحنبلي-
    عمدة الفقه
    زاد المستقنع (غير كامل مازلت ادرسه)

    -أصول الفقه الحنبلي-

    I am a professional and do not need any salary or financial support and am only interested in supporting the community. I would like to be a part time Iman for khutbas, Tarweeh Prayers and talks and be part of the Canterbury Mosque team

    Thank you

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