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Mosque Opening Update.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalam Alekom

A detailed update from our extension committee after the meeting today with the Contractors:

1. The Mosque can be used for the daily prayers & Friday Prayers from Friday first of December 2023 onwards for the brothers only .

2. Sisters Section should be ready to be used by 11of December enshalah. The section to be fully carpeted in a week time enshalah.

3. * Friday prayer can not take place for sisters in mosque* until the carpet is fully fitted on the sisters side. Please accept our apologies dear sisters, we are following up with the builders in daily basis.

4. Heating system is being installed and commissioned and inshallah should be visible within a week across the building.

5. The paths around the Mosque perimeter are being concreted
(sisters area and where required)

May Allah SWT guide us and give us success

Your Mosque, Canterbury Mosque

30th  November 2023

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