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New Imam For Canterbury Mosque

Salam Alikom dear Brothers & Sisters

Praise be to Allah, we are very happy to announce that Shaikh Issa Mahmoud Hayajneh has officially started his position as the new Imam for Canterbury Mosque.

Shaikh Issa is a well experienced Imam, khateeb and Islamic educator.
He has a Bachelor degree of Islamic science (Fiqh) from The Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Hafiz of Quran Karim, with Ijazah by Hafs ‘an’ Assim.

He is also the founder and director of Abu Ilyas Islamic institute.

He has worked as an Imam & Khateeb in many UK mosques and been invited to Islamic TV channels as a guest speaker.

For fatwa and related questions, his email address is:

By Allah’s Will, he is starting many courses & workshops which will be announced soon.

May Allah bless this cooperation between Imam and congregation in building an Islamic community & spread Dauwa for ourselves and our city.


Canterbury Mosque 

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