Ahmad Massoud Sabour – Executive Committee Nominee

NameAhmad Massoud Sabour
Lived in Canterbury
or it’s surroundings for
More than Two Years
AboutI have living in Canterbury for the last 4 years and I have been serving the mosque as a treasurer for many years. I understand and have the knowledge of helping run the mosque. I have a really good rapport the community. I believe I can bring great value to the running of the mosque.
Why interested in applying for this positionI have been working with the previous committee for the last 4 years. I’m aware of all the concerns and problems that has risen and In sha Allah If I win this position i will try and resolve and implement solutions that will be beneficial for the community. My First priority is to bring a QUALIFIED full time Imam.
2 objectives to achieve in the next 12 months1. Hire a qualified full time Imam
2. Increase the events for Muslims and Non-Muslims (Spread awareness of Islam and also bring Muslims and non- Muslims closer to Islam)
Planning to approve the results of the advisory elections for the Board of Trustees ?Yes, I commit to approve the results of the advisory elections
In case you didn’t win the position(s) you are running for, do you want to be considered as a candidate to be selected as Co-opted member (The elected executive committee has the right to appoint three co-opted members )?Yes
I’m nominating myself as:Independent Candidate
Conflict of InterestNo