J Anne Ainley – Executive Committee Nominee

NameJ Anne Ainley
ProfessionStudent/Architect/TEFL teacher/Mentor/School Governor
Lived in Canterbury
or it’s surroundings for
More than Two Years
AboutI am Anne, an English Muslim and single mum based in Canterbury. I was raised as a Christian and began to research Islam at the Hull City library in 2000 and shortly thereafter I converted. My oldest son is Majid (14), you may see him at Jummah on Fridays during the school holidays. MaShaAllah he has a beautiful character and he’s a hard worker, always willing to help. My youngest son is Khalid (12), You may not have met him due to his Autism (Aspergers), he is hard to meet as he dislikes socialising or going out. MaShaAllah, Khalid is a fun character, exceptionally bright and currently he is obsessed with science and has advanced IT skills. They both attend Canterbury Academy High School where I am a Governor. As a Muslim I personally made slow progress, my guidance did not come all at once. Only the last 10 years I have felt established and continue like all Muslims in my life’s commitment to Islamic and Arabic studies. My family remains Christian and rejects both me and my sons due to my choice to be Muslim. I am not sad, but completely satisfied with Islam as my religion and Allah as my God. I am aware that my trials have been pure blessings, that made me stronger, wiser and closer to Allah, I have no regrets Alhamdulillah. Career wise, after I escaped my nursing training, I built a cleaning business. This humble business provided for all my university studies that followed. I first qualified as an Interior Designer and then carried on with Architecture. I have a 10 year career as an Architect having worked on a £7-billion new build and renovations project for the MoD and I was lead consultant on a £15-million housing development for Crest Nicholson. I simultaneously worked as a foster carer for 5 years and offered assisted lodgings for homeless teenagers through a charity called Step By Step. This support work helped the youngsters emotionally heal and get on a path of education and success. I have paused my Architecture career since 2009 to care for Khalid who needed me home full time. During my career break I have qualified in Psychotherapy and then I qualified to teach TEFL English. I worked part-time as family commitments permitted, predominantly with the local Turkish sisters to help them integrate and communicate with schools and services. I currently use my time working for local charities. I am a Mentor at Catching Lives (Homeless Charity) offering support and counselling to people housed after long term homelessness. I am also an Academic Mentor for undergraduates at Kent University to support local and foreign students as they adapt to student life. I also commit several weekly hours to mentoring sisters in our local revert community as they adapt to being a Muslim. Currently, I am studying part-time at Kent, and I hope to continue after my Master of Science with a part time Doctorate in Sustainable Architecture, InShaAllah. Additionally, last year I completed the lecture and workshop series and was awarded the Gold level, Global Skills Award in Leadership and Management skills. Through the Employability Points Scheme I also won a World Class Manager course which I am currently completing. This year I have signed up for the 1 year Business Start-up Entrepreneur’s course which will run parallel to my MSc. I would like to offer my skills, experience and commitment to Canterbury Mosque because I want to do my part in contributing to the wellbeing of our mosque and community for the pleasure of Allah.
PostsGeneral Secretary
Why interested in applying for this positionI would like to continue the mosque’s good efforts in dawa and community integration, but more importantly I believe it is a priority to support the Muslim community by strengthening the Islamic Education programmes with guest speakers, Quran study groups and appointing a qualified Imam who can take some responsibility in spiritual leadership.
2 objectives to achieve in the next 12 monthsAppoint a full-time qualified Imam
Actively promote fundraising to build the Mosque’s extension.
Planning to approve the results of the advisory elections for the Board of Trustees ?Yes, I commit to approve the results of the advisory elections
In case you didn’t win the position(s) you are running for, do you want to be considered as a candidate to be selected as Co-opted member (The elected executive committee has the right to appoint three co-opted members )?Yes
I’m nominating myself as:Independent Candidate
Conflict of InterestNo