Maliha Karamat – Executive Committee Nominee

NameMaliha Karamat
ProfessionGeneral Practitioner
Lived in Canterbury
or it’s surroundings for
More than Two Years
AboutI am married & mother of two boys 21 & 18 years old Alhamdolillah. I came to UK in December 2002 & living in Whitstable since January 2003. I did my training for 3 years & practicing as GP since 2007. I have been involved with Mosque since 2010. I have participated in various mosque activities like fundraising, iftar meals, Eid get togethers & events with non Muslims. I take pride in being a part of Sister Circle which is a local group of both Muslim as well as Non Muslim sisters who all work together towards good causes in order to maintain a healthy & safe community.
PostsAssistant General Secretary
Why interested in applying for this positionDue to my work commitments I would prefer to be in an assistant role rather taking up a full time post.
2 objectives to achieve in the next 12 monthsTo ensure that we collect enough funds for the build of the mosque. To provide a platform where everybody feels welcomed & follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (PBUH) & bring love & harmony amongst us all.
Planning to approve the results of the advisory elections for the Board of Trustees ?Yes, I commit to approve the results of the advisory elections
In case you didn’t win the position(s) you are running for, do you want to be considered as a candidate to be selected as Co-opted member (The elected executive committee has the right to appoint three co-opted members )?Yes
I’m nominating myself as:Independent Candidate
Conflict of InterestNo