Nasirdeen Alimi – Executive Committee Nominee

NameNasirdeen Alimi
ProfessionSpine Specialist
Lived in Canterbury
or it’s surroundings for
More than Two Years
AboutSalam alaekum, I’ve lived in the Canterbury region for about 8 years now during which time this mosque has been a source of spiritual comfort for me, alhamdulilai. My children also attend the madrasah so I feel quite invested in the affairs of the mosque!
Why interested in applying for this positionJust hoping to contribute even if in a small role to the development of the mosque & the ummah in sha Allah
2 objectives to achieve in the next 12 months1) Foster more unity among the diverse group we have in the community in sha Allah
2) Facilitate the completion of the mosque extension project by actively participating in fundraising in sha Allah
Planning to approve the results of the advisory elections for the Board of Trustees ?Yes, I commit to approve the results of the advisory elections
In case you didn’t win the position(s) you are running for, do you want to be considered as a candidate to be selected as Co-opted member (The elected executive committee has the right to appoint three co-opted members )?Yes
I’m nominating myself as:Independent Candidate
Conflict of InterestNo