Rana El Azab – Executive Committee Nominee

NameRana El Azab
ProfessionMedical Doctor
Lived in Canterbury
or it’s surroundings for
More than Two Years
AboutResident in UK since 14 years and in Canterbury since 6 years. Was executive secretary to an unregistered small organisation in North West Kent 2010-2013. Founded and headed a weekend Arabic and Islamic learning school in Dartford 2011-2013. Trustee of the same school 2014 till now. Active in Canterbury community from being part of PTA in my children’s schools; helping and organising events to helping in Canterbury mosque school visits, boot sale and giving talks about Islam in primary and secondary schools. Been organising iftar gathering since 6 years and won’t stop. I paused my carrier as a medical doctor for 12 years to look after my family. My eldest is 18 and youngest is 15. Just returned back to work a year ago. Wherever I go, my goal is to get the Muslim community together regardless of country of origin, age or gender.
PostsAssistant Treasurer
Why interested in applying for this positionI have a fair experience in organisations work and set up. And I helped Canterbury mosque on different occasions and helped in fundraising. I was impressed with the history of the institution, the work done and the efforts put in. I believe I will be a very useful asset to the Muslim community when I am part of Canterbury mosque. I will help to the best of my ability, give my voice and contribute to the development, unity and integration of the Muslim community and its youth.
2 objectives to achieve in the next 12 monthsBond new generations with the mosque; start youth clubs for both boys and girls and weekend activities for kids
Promote the role of the mosque in da’awa and increasing awareness of the true Islam.
Planning to approve the results of the advisory elections for the Board of Trustees ?Yes, I commit to approve the results of the advisory elections
In case you didn’t win the position(s) you are running for, do you want to be considered as a candidate to be selected as Co-opted member (The elected executive committee has the right to appoint three co-opted members )?Yes
I’m nominating myself as:Independent Candidate
Conflict of InterestYes
Brother Ishtiaq’s office has been my husband’s accountant for 9 years.