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Parking in Eid and Friday Prayers

Announcement. Parking in  Eid and Friday Prayers 
Assalam Alekom,
We have received complaints from the University of Kent parking teams regarding illegal parking and parking in illegal and dangerous locations such as fire exits and building entrances during Fridays and Eid Al-Fitr prayer.  
This behaviour, if continues, can have a great effect on the mosque’s reputation and relations with other organisations and neighbours.
The mosque and the charity do not accept or tolerate such behaviour as this does not reflect the real value of our beautiful religion, Islam, which is about respecting, taking care of others and not upsetting anyone. 
In addition, we have been informed by the university that any illegal parking will receive a parking ticket and the University parking team will have more present in the next Eid and Friday prayers.
We would like to kindly request our brothers and Sisters to park legally, especially during the next Eid Al-Adha prayer on the 16th of June. Please find a parking spot, check the instructions on the signs in that parking area, and Do not forget to Pay If needed ( Find, Check, Pay ). 
 Possible Parking Locations, (you can find more if you search the area): 
Jazzakom Allah Khiran
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre 
10 June 2024

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