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Parking at Canterbury Mosque

Parking at Canterbury Mosque

Dear Mosque visitors,

Parking near the Canterbury Mosque can be a difficult task especially at Friday prayer time.

The mosque is inside the university campus, and parking spaces are limited and owned/managed by the University of Kent. Any issued ticket for illegal parking is not done in purpose and based on the regulations and normal practice in such matter.

We will speak to Uni authorities again trying to find a suitable solution, but please till then, do park in legal places only. 🙏🏼

We advise our Musaleen to use public transport as the preferred option if they can.

Buses run from the city centre to the next door university on a regular basis.

Below are all the Pay & Display parking areas in Kent University.

Every other car-park that is not stated Pay & Display is for university use only.

You can ONLY park in Pay & Display areas.

You are not allowed to park your car in visitor car parks except with a special permit issued by the University of Kent.

Pay & Display car-parks are as follows:

Sports Centre, 0 minutes walk, £2.5 for 3 hours.

Gulbenkian, 9 minutes walk, £2.5 for 3 hours.

Pavillion, 10-12 minutes walk, £2.5 for 3 hours.

Oaks Car Park,
12-15 minutes walk, £2.5 for 3 hours.

Beverley Farm, 15 minutes walk (uphill), £2.5 for 3 hours.

Transport to the University of Kent link:


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