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The mosque is open for Daily, Taraweeh and Friday Prayers. Detailed times are listed below.

Azan and Iqama Prayer Times


Canterbury, UK
Monday, 20th May, 2024
Fajr3:07 am3:30 am
Sunrise4:55 am
Zuhr12:57 pm1:15 pm
Asr5:07 pm6:30 pm
Magrib8:51 pm8:56 pm
Isha10:03 pm10:10 pm

Next Day

Canterbury, UK
Tuesday, 21st May, 2024
Fajr3:06 am3:30 am
Sunrise4:54 am
Zuhr12:57 pm1:15 pm
Asr5:08 pm6:30 pm
Magrib8:52 pm8:57 pm
Isha10:04 pm10:10 pm

Salam Alikom dear all 🤲🏽

This is a kind reminder that the Jumaa prayer tomorrow,

06/01/2023, and until further notice, will take place at the,

Sport Centre
University of Kent

Jumaa prayer starts at 1.15 pm inshallah, please try to come on time to attend the full khutba. 

The mosque (our current praying room) will be closed between 8.00 am and 2.30 pm every Friday for men to allow sister halaqa to take place, men will not be allowed to enter the mosque at the mentioned time. Jazzakom allah khiran for your understanding.

May Allah reward you all, and looking forward to seeing you.

1- Make Wuduu before you arrive.
No places to do Wuduu there.
2- Bring your own PRAYER MAT
We can’t supply mats sorry.
3- Parking spaces are very limited as you know, so please do Car Share or Come by Bus.
5- Please Do Not Park Illegally!
The mosque is being extended and under reconstruction with builders working there.
6- Please do not come from sports centre main door.
The door for Jumaa entry is highlighted in the picture below 👇🏽


We will try as usual to do our best for our Muslim community 🙏🏾

Canterbury Mosque 🕌
Jazakom Allah Khairan

See you soon inshalla

Yearly Prayer Table

Printer friendly 2023 prayer timetable is avaliable to download from here.


Qibla Direction

120.1° from north in Canterbury. Click locate to get direction at any location.