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Regular Prayers

Daily Prayers Announcement 
Assalam Alaykum, 
Dear brothers and sisters, 
 Regular prayers, will take place for the next six weeks in: Rutherford Seminar Room 2 (RSR2)
University of Kent 
Rutherford college
Ground Floor( same level as the reception).
Rutherford Seminar Room 2(RSR2)
Ct2 7NX
Front gates will be open by security from 4am until 10:30 pm. 
🟣 Do wudu at home.
🟣 Bring your prayer mat.
🟣 Kindly avoid making loud noise at these very early and very late hours of the day. There are residential quarters for students in the college.
🟣 Room needs to stay clean and tidy as it is used by the University for other activities, especially on Wednesdays. 
Jazzakum Allah Khayran.
Canterbury Muslim Cultural Centre
12 May 2023

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